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Bringing Recovery to the World Through the Application of God's Word

Residential Housing

Christ-Centered Ministries (C.C.M.) is an outreach in the South Bay Area to the hundreds, and thousands of homeless in the area. C.C.M. opened its first Restoration Sober Living Home during the summer of 2005. We have begun fund-raising efforts to raise the seed money necessary to compete for grants through various funding programs to expand this very vital ministry. Currently we are housing ten men who have transitioned into our program from various missions or treatment facilities in the area. Your continued support (through prayer and donations) will go a long way towards helping us obtain our objective and finish the race to save lives.

Assisting the homeless can seem a thankless task and seldom do we witness any difference made except to relieve the immediate need for the basics (food and clothing). That is why the need for transitional housing is so important. There are several ministries seeking to provide the immediate need like mission and shelters. They even have programs designed to help them deal initially with the drug abuse. WHAT HAPPENS WHEN IT IS TIME FOR THEM TO LEAVE THOSE PROGRAMS AND ENTER SOCIETY AGAIN?

Restoration Sober Living Homes is the next phase in support. We believe that by providing housing, linking with churches in surrounding communities, and establishing support groups within those churches, that we will empower men and women to become productive members in society again. The idea is to, provide people with a place to stay that is away from congested metropolitan areas, and link them with spiritual, emotional and practical support (in terms with dealing with their personal recovery issues), and thus giving them the chance to succeed.

C.C.M. (the parent organization to Restoration Sober Living Homes) is a biblical based ministry of excellence designed to encourage life transformation through our threefold purpose to Evangelize, Edify and Equip the whole person to serve the community and reach the world for Jesus Christ. Click on this link to take the virtual tour of our home.

We strive to be…….
Compassionate in our love for others.
Excellent in our service toward our mission.
Holy in our living for God.
Passionate and reverent in our worship.

Troy Vaughn, President and CEO