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Christ-Centered Ministries (CCM) is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving the indigent and homeless. Established in 1999, CCM is on its way to becoming one of the premier organizations providing long-term transitional housing and supportive services to men and women, and children leaving missions and recovery facilities. Throughout history, organizations have been established to provide services for the immediate needs of homeless people. While this is definitely needed, it is only part of the solution. CCM seeks to answer the question, “What happens when men/women leave recovery treatment centers?”

In partnering with missions and shelters, CCM will bridge the gap between initial recovery and full restoration. We will not rest until facilities have been built to house men, women and children who need a safe haven to continue on their road to full restoration. Among our goals of establishing restoration and supportive programs are the following:

· Recovery: 12-step biblical supportive groups have been established within community churches to offer continued support to individuals dealing with various addictions.

· Education: A computerized learning lab offering everything from basic literacy training to preparation for high school proficiency exams.

· Job Training/Placement: A vocational training program that will prepare individuals to re-enter the workforce. We’ve established partnerships with various placement agencies that will ensure employment for those completing their training.

· Families: Some men and women who complete their recovery programs have children they desire to be reunited with when they leave the recovery treatment programs. We will seek to provide support in this area by establishing daycare centers and after school programs, as well as big brother/sister mentoring programs.

· Health Care: Referral service will be provided to various health care facilities and physicians willing to give care to our clients on a volunteer basis.

In addition to its restoration and supportive service programs, CCM seeks to provide continuous emergency services. In 2009, Christ-Centered Ministries provided the following emergency services to homeless men, women and children.

1. 1500 men and women gave/rededicated their lives to Christ

2. Provided meals/groceries to over 6000 families

3. Provided transportation services to 1600 individuals/families

4. Provided counseling to 950 individuals/families

5. Housed over 1000 individuals/families through referral services